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Top secrets about how to learn words more efficiently

Atualizado: 15 de Fev de 2020

#1 when you want to memorize a word try to do it in the context, create some phrases with it or even a story😉

#2 check a reliable dictionary for the most frequent collocations with this words (a collocation=a fixed phrase where you can't change any word without losing the meaning)

#3 the next step is to find the words with the same root (cognate words) e.g. beauty-beautiful-beautify- beautifying (don't make this list too long, 3-4 cognate words are enough))

Now let's take an example to illustrate what we mean😉

a grudge- a persistent feeling of resentment resulting from a past insult or injury

We usually use this word in the following colocations withthe verbs hold or bear

to hold a grudge or to bear a grudge against smb

To memorize the word better we've made some examples

Holding a grudge isn't good for your mental health.

He bears a grudge against me because it was me who has been promoted.

Now let's find some cognate words :)

a grudge-holder

I’m not a grudge-holder, I just remember the facts

grudge-holding or grudgy

Be accurate with him, he is a grudge-holding personality

Helen is grudgy. She always seeks revenge.

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