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Slang words in English

Atualizado: 15 de Fev de 2020

Today we're going to talk about some commonly used slang words which meanings have nothing to do with the words they originate from;)

Here they are:

1) fishy = suspicious

Don't meddle in his fishy business.

There was something fishy about her smile.

They left the bar almost at the same time. Don't you think it's fishy?

2) corny = uncool, old-fashioned

This foreigner hasn't heard a lot of the old jokes. So he even laughs at corny ones.

He sent me red roses and wrote, "Roses are red, violets are blue. Did you know that I love you". How corny!

The movie is full of corny dialogues and ridiculous acting.

3) cheesy = sentimental and/or dramatic, yet superficial and unconvincing

Thomas was entertaining us with his cheesy jokes and stories all night. Tamara gave everyone a cheesy smile and walked out. Do you think, those cheesy pick-up lines, your brother has taught you, are going to work?

4) peachy = 

1. a slang word for "great"

2. a un-enthusiastic way to say "wow that's wonderful"

Things aren't that peachy at the moment. (1)

We have to walk 10 miles. Peachy! (2) Everything is peachy, isn't it?(1)

P. S. Please don't forget that slang words are fine in the informal situations but they are out of place in the business surroundings or on formal occasions.

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