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Some common mistakes at IELTS and how to avoid them

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Before we start, here comes a tiny entrance test.

Tick the correct sentence in each pair.


a Many people would stop using their cars when public transport was better.

b Many people would stop using their cars if public transport was better.


a We discussed if universities should charge tuition fees.

b We discussed whether universities should charge tuition fees.

To see the correct answers just scroll down the page)

But if you feel a little bit confused we've prepared a reminder to brush up your grammar.

We use WHEN to talk about an event or situation that we believe will happen.

I plan to go travelling when I finish my studies. (I expect to finish.)

We use IF to talk about a hypothetical possibility, especially in conditional sentences.

Give a call if there are any problems. (Problems are only a possibility.)

We use WHETHER where we are considering two possibilities.

I don't know whether to have the beef or the lamb.

We also use WHETHER after certain verbs (and nouns) which involve considering two options:

They had a meeting to discuss whether they should take further action.

The current debate is whether immigrants should adopt local customs.

Answers to the entrance test

1. b

2. b

And a final checkup))))

Complete the sentences:

1)The big question is ........I should call him or wait for him to call me.

2)We'll probably move to a smaller house.................the children leave home.

3)I'm sure they'd be really pleased ................you were able to come.

You can email your answers to beelingclub@gmail.com We'll check them and send you our feedback.

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